Neighbor has made safety and security one of its top priorities. We protect renters in a variety of different ways to make sure that your stored items are kept safe.

$25,000 Renter Guarantee
When storing items through Neighbor, you'll receive $25,000 of protection in the rare case that your items are damaged. Items must be disclosed on your reservation and vehicles do not qualify for the Renter Guarantee.

Verification Checks
Neighbor carefully screens our hosts to ensure the safety of you and your belongings through email, phone, and identity verification checks.

Messaging & Mutual Friends
You are also given the opportunity to communicate with your potential host to get to know them better and determine if it will be a good fit for you both. If your host has connected his account to Facebook, you can also check to see if you have any mutual Facebook friends!

Terms of Service
We also protect you through our Terms of Service. Here's a brief overview of how Neighbor protects you and your stuff: 

  • Hosts are liable for (1) purposeful or accidental damages, (2) failure to maintain the space as displayed and advertised in the original listing, (3) theft resulting in stolen items in which there is no police report. 

Host Payment Schedule
Hosts are not paid until after providing the month's worth of storage for your belongings. This incentivizes them to take care of your belongings the whole time.

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