Hello Neighbor! You may have noticed that we’re different from other storage companies. Since we’re new on the block, we’d like to help you get to know us better by helping you understand some of the vocabulary we use here. Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Neighborhood: Everyone on Neighbor. The more the merrier!

Neighbor: A person who shows kindliness or helpfulness toward their fellow humans!

Host: A person who has extra space that they want to share with their Neighbors and make some extra money while doing it.

Host Guarantee: This guarantee provides every host with up to $1,000,000 of personal liability insurance! Read more about it here.

Listing: This is the way a host shows off their unused space on the Neighbor website. The listing includes photos, a description, and a short bio. Listings can advertise a garage, bedroom, shed, RV pad, basement, closet, lot, attic, warehouse, or any other unused space to be used for storage.

Messages: The hub of all Neighborly communication! If you get a notification that you received a message from someone on Neighbor, you’ll log in to your Neighbor account and go to your messages to read and respond.

My Listings: This page shows hosts all of their listed spaces divided into vacant listings, listings with pending reservations, and listings that are currently reserved. Once a Neighbor logs into their account, they can access the My Listings page by going to the drop-down menu and clicking My Listing. From there, you can view the Published, Draft, and Deactivated listings using the navigation bar.

My Rentals: This page shows you all of the listings where you are storing your belongings. This is where you'll go to check and update the status of each reservation. Once a Neighbor logs into their account, they can access the My Rentals page by going to the drop-down menu and clicking My Rentals.

Neighbor Payment Platform: This is the convenient payment system where renters can pay for storage on Neighbor.com or the Neighbor app and where hosts can receive payments.

Neighbor Service Fees: There are two Neighbor services fees: one is paid by the host and one is paid by the renter. The fee paid by the host is simply taken out of the host’s payout each month. This particular fee is also known as the “processing fee”. The fee paid by the renter is added to the listing price of the storage space they are renting each month and is simply known as a service fee. Both fees allow us to provide our Host Guarantee and Renter Guarantee and allows us to provide other services to you!

Quick Move-In: Quick Move-In is a feature that hosts can choose to use that automatically approves renter reservations.

Reservation: After the host accepts the reservation request, the reservation officially begins! The renter can move their items into their new location beginning on the start date.

Reserve Space: Renters click the “Reserve Space” button to alert a host that they want to store their belongings in the host’s space. After the renter clicks this button, the host has 48 hours to either accept or decline the request. After this button is clicked, the listing is removed from public view.

Renter: A person who wants to store their belongings with a friendly Neighbor at an affordable price.

Renter Guarantee: This guarantee provides every renter with up to $25,000 of property protection! Read more about it here.

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