Hosts can sign up and list their space completely free!
As we want to help everyone monetize their unused space, Neighbor does not make money by charging hosts to rent their space. However, a small processing fee is taken out of each payout that goes directly to our payment processor to facilitate our automated billing, direct deposits, and our $1M Host Guarantee.

Processing Fee
After a host has connected their bank account, hosts will receive their full listing price at the end of each rental month minus a small processing fee. In order to directly cover the costs associated with automated billing & payouts as well as subsidize the costs of our $1M Host Guarantee, hosts are charged a processing fee of 4.9% + $0.30.

So how does Neighbor make money?
Neighbor charges renters a small service fee to help provide a secure platform, responsive customer care, our $25,000 Renter Guarantee, and other important services. Neighbor loves providing secure & convenient storage at significantly cheaper rates than traditional self storage and helping hosts make extra money each month!

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