Creating a listing is simple and can be done in matter of minutes! First, visit your My Listings page and click Add Listing. Now follow the four easy steps to list your storage space on Neighbor and you'll be making monthly income in no time!

  1. Listing Details: Tell renters about your space and set the price. Our pricing calculator will give you an estimated rate to help you keep your prices comparable to similar spaces in your area. 
  2. Update Profile: Verify your account (if needed) and take the opportunity to update your public profile. Share your personality with users to increase renters' interest & trust.
  3. Upload Photos: Although only one photo is required to publish your listing, optimal listings have 4 - 6 photos (including 1 of the front of your home). Our website will attempt to provide a Google Maps Street View screenshot, but you can decide if you want to use it or not.
  4. Promote: Celebrate publishing your listing by sharing it on social media and get it reserved even quicker by posting it on classifieds websites. Pro Tip: Click "Advanced" for additional tips to get your space reserved quicker (let us know if you find our Easter Egg!) 
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