Renters list the items they’ll be storing in the reservation request. This provides protection for both them and you, because you can decline a reservation for any items you don’t feel comfortable storing in your space. 

To read what your renter wants to store in your space:

  1. Visit the My Listings page and find the pending reservation card

  2. The items your renter would like to store will be displayed under the "Stored Items" section. If the text is abbreviated, you can read the entire section by clicking the "View" button and seeing the full section on the right sidebar.

Although you have the discretion to prohibit certain items from being stored in your space, Neighbor does has a list of restricted items for all reservations. To view the list of items that Neighbor prohibits from being stored, you can review the Use of Space and Prohibited Items section of our Terms of Service.

Pro Tip: To avoid reservation requests with items you aren't willing to allow, be as specific in your listing description as possible to avoid these types of requests.

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