Neighbor exists to both connect you to renters and protect you from harm! Our goal is to help you rent out your unused storage space without the fear of negative consequences such as damage or liability.

Neighbor provides you with this protection through our $2M Host Guarantee and our strict Terms of Service

Want to know what our Terms of Service says about liability? Here's a brief overview: 

  • $2M Host Guarantee: Neighbor will compensate you up to $2,000,000 for damages to your property caused by the renter or the renter's items. This is secondary to any applicable insurance policies.
  • Renters are charged for damage done to your property in the following circumstances: (1) renter is not using the space the for the agreed upon purpose, (2) renter violates rules established by host, (3) renter stores undisclosed items, (4) renter damages property upon moving in, visiting, and moving out of the space. 
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