Once your reservation request is approved your reservation will remain valid until you log into your Neighbor account and cancel it. You won't need to worry about renewing your reservation at any point unless you move out, cancel the reservation, and then want to move back in.

Before cancelling, take a moment to leave a review of the host & listing by visiting the listing page then navigating to the Reviews section under the host profile photo. This will help future renters more confident in storing with the host!

In order to stop the automatic payments, do the following: 

  1. Schedule a time to pick up your belongings from the storage space

  2. Move all of your belongings out of the host's space 

  3. Log into your Neighbor account and go to your My Rentals page

  4. Click "Cancel" on the listing.

  5. Confirm you've moved your belongings out of the host's storage space

Once you've done this, your reservation will be canceled and you won't be charged for renting out that space anymore. 

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