Ending a reservation early is not in the best interest of a host and is very uncommon. Hosts are required to provide four weeks advance notice if they need you to move your belongings, but sometimes things come up unexpectedly and a host may need you to move out sooner. Unless these situations can be amicably resolved and the renter cancels the reservation on their own, hosts must pay a $60 Eviction Fee and Neighbor's Customer Care team will help resolve the situation.

These situations can be tough, but we'd encourage both parties to amicably resolve the situation and have the renter cancel the reservation. This avoids any fees and keeps the relationship between you and your host positive and neighborly!

Now that you need to move your belongings out of the old space, it's time to look for somewhere new to store your stuff. We have lots of great spaces on our Neighbor marketplace, and we would love to help you find something that fits what you need, maybe even better than your past reservation. 

Contact us at support@neighbor.com if there is anything we can do to help in this process!

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