We love to help our users make money! Our referral program is another easy way our Neighbors can make some extra money. Refer a friend and you both make $50 when they list a space that gets rented out or if they rent a space. 

Benefits of the invitation program

If you participate in Neighbor’s invitation program by (1) signing up, listing your space, and successfully renting it out or (2) signing up and renting a space for yourself through this link, we will pay you the reward amount in the form of a cash card delivered to your email inbox. If you have any questions about the program, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Stipulations and restrictions

The invitation is not considered fulfilled until the new listing has an approved rental for greater than $50. The reward we offer to new renters is fulfilled once they make a reservation for a space and it is approved by the host and the amount they have paid is greater than $50. 

Referrers and recipients of invitations cannot belong to the same household. The invitation and reward are only valid for first-time renters or hosts. If an invited host lists more than one space, the referrer will only receive credit for one reserved space.

Learn about how to invite others

If you sign up with Neighbor, you may also participate in the Invitation Program. You can learn more about participating from our customer support representatives with our in-site chat. To find out more about our current promotion to pay someone's mortgage payment each month, see Referral Program Rules and Conditions

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