If you have received a charge on your credit card from “neighbor.com/charge,” read on to learn why this charge was issued.

What is Neighbor?
Neighbor is a self storage marketplace company based in Utah, USA. Neighbor allows renters to find self storage spaces listed online by hosts.

Why are we charging you?
We are charging you because you (or someone with your credit card) placed a storage rental that renews each month until cancelled through Neighbor. It is possible that you already moved out of your storage space but failed to cancel the reservation on Neighbor.

How can I cancel my reservation and end future payments?
To cancel your storage reservation, visit the My Rentals page on Neighbor's mobile app or website.

Have a question or concern about the charge?
Contact Neighbor's Customer Success team for a quick response.

Note: Do not dispute the charge with your bank if you have a concern with the charge. This will significantly slow down Neighbor's response and will likely not result in a refund of the charge.

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