What happens after my listing gets published?

Now we want to help you get it reserved! 

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  • Respond lightning fast if you get a message from a potential renter 

How will I know if someone is interested in my listing?

You'll receive an email and a text if a renter reserves your listing or sends you a message. If you have our iOS mobile app installed with push notifications enabled, you'll also receive a push notification.

A renter reserved my listing! Now what? 

After you receive a reservation request, you have 48 hours to approve or decline the request. Renters are typically needing storage very quickly, so the first host to approve will be the one that sees the money.

To approve, you can respond to the text message you receive with an "A" or click the Approve button in the email you receive.

How does the renter pay?

The renter has already paid for the first month of storage when they reserve your listing and will be automatically billed by Neighbor each month. For your safety and protection, we require payment through Neighbor.

How and when will I be paid?

After approving a reservation, you'll be automatically paid via direct deposit by Neighbor at the end of each rental month. Your payout is guaranteed with Neighbor's Payout Protection which means even if your renter is late or stops paying, Neighbor will still pay you on time, every time. Neighbor's processing fee covers the cost of automated billing and our Payout Protection. Connect your bank account or learn more about payouts.

Are reservations month-to-month?

Yes, all Neighbor reservations are month-to-month. If you need your renter to move out, we ask that you give them 30 days notice. Renters are required to cancel their reservation through Neighbor after they remove their items to end future payments.

How am I and my property protected?

Neighbor takes safety seriously. We offer multiple methods of protection, including our world-class $1M Host Guarantee that protects you against personal liability.

Should I share my phone number or address?

For your safety and protection, always message renters through your Neighbor Inbox (or by replying to text messages sent by Neighbor). Do not share your address, phone number or other contact information. After you approve a reservation, the renter will be sent your listing's address.

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