If your space is larger than typical storage unit options, we recommend splitting it into multiple, smaller listings. This will also increase the chances of getting your space rented. Be sure to specify in your listing description that it is a shared space with other renters.

NOTE: Recommended, approximate sizes below do not replace the need for accurate measurements.

RV Pads, Garages, Lots, Parking Spaces

  • Most vehicles fit within a 50'x10' space. Typical dimensions are 20'x10' for cars, 30'x10' for boats, and 30'-50'x10' for RVs.

  • If your space is 20 or more feet wide, consider breaking it into two spaces for renters to store multiple vehicles.

  • Resist the urge to list an entire two-car garage as most renters only need to store one vehicle.

Indoor Spaces

  • For large indoor spaces, it is best to create a variety of different sized listings so renters are given options when reserving your space.

  • Consider listing a few 5'x5's, 10'x10's, and a 20'x10'.

  • Listings can overlap in order to accommodate needs of different renters. For example, you could list your entire basement in one listing while also listing smaller spaces. If the large listing gets rented first, you can deactivate the smaller listings and vice versa.

If you have multiple, smaller spaces available within one large space, you are able to duplicate the listing from your My Listings page.

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