Each listing created on Neighbor.com is given a quality score and a price score which help determine where the listing is ranked in search results. A higher quality and price score means your listing will be closer to the top of the page in search results when renters are looking for a space!

A quality score is assigned based on the following factors:

  • Description: Be sure your description has at least three sentences. The more information you include the more confident renters will feel about your space.

  • Photos: Having 3-6 photos will increase your quality score and give renters a better idea of the type of space you have available. Make sure the space is clean and move-in ready. It's helpful to focus on lighting and take photos from multiple angles.

  • Personal Bio: Let renters know a little bit about you! Telling about yourself with help them gain trust, which will increase the likelihood of them renting your space.

  • Profile Photo: Include a portrait photo of yourself to let renters know who you are and to top off the presentation of your listing.

A price score is assigned based on how close your price is to Neighbor's recommended price (given when creating or editing your listing). The closer your price is to the recommended price, the better price score you'll receive.

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