Many hosts have large, open spaces that can accommodate multiple renters. We encourage our hosts to break up large spaces into multiple, smaller listings for the convenience of renters. Because some renters may not be comfortable sharing a storage space with others, be sure to specify this in your listing description. 

Lot Spaces
If your lot space isn't already divided into parking spaces, we encourage dividing out the space using paint, rocks, or posts. Each spot can also be marked with a number that corresponds with a number in your listing title. This will make it much easier to manage your space between multiple renters storing vehicles.

Indoor Spaces
The easiest way to divide an open, indoor space between renters is to tape off sections according to your listing sizes. The same can be done with indoor spaces by numbering each space and adding a corresponding number to your listing titles. 

Pro Tip: Security cameras (like the $20 Wyze camera) are a great way to protect both renters and hosts from damage they do not cause, which can be especially useful in the case of shared spaces.

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