If you connected your bank account to Stripe but haven’t been paid, please follow the steps below before contacting Neighbor support. 

1. Make sure you are due for a payout. As a host, you receive your payout at the END of the rental period (or 30 days after the start date). Double check your reservation details under My Listings and make sure you are due for your payout. Note: it can take 2-3 business days to process a payout.

2. Double check your Stripe account. Sometimes users don't see a payout because they need to update information in their Stripe account. In technical terms, we call this a restriction. Restrictions are typically caused if data provided in the bank account connection process doesn’t match data that Stripe has used to verify the account for tax reporting purposes with the IRS. To resolve the restriction, please click “Manage Host Payouts” from your Payment Methods page, log into Stripe (if necessary), and resolve the error that will be at the top of your Stripe dashboard. Then, you should click on the error to resolve it and provide the requested information.

If after completing these steps you are still not seeing your payout, feel free to contact Neighbor support by sending us an email to support@neighbor.com or calling or texting 801-653-0264. We definitely want to help you get paid!

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