We strongly discourage having to end a renter’s reservation early as it is a huge inconvenience for your renter. However, we understand that things happen and plans change. Whether it’s an unexpected move or a family member needing the space, we get it! Per our terms of service, you are required to give your renter at least 30 days notice to move out, otherwise you will be charged a $60 eviction fee. To give this notice, please message your renter directly through Neighbor Messages so that we have a record of this. In addition, please send us an email to support@neighbor.com so we can assist with this process.

You are welcome to use the following template as a guideline and edit as needed to send to your renter:

Hey _____ (renter’s name)! I am writing to give you 30 days notice to move out because ________ (reason your renter needs to move out). I am willing to continue and will honor Neighbor's rules for the next 30 days if you would like. Please have your items moved out by _______ (30 days after this notice is sent). I apologize for the inconvenience. If you'd like assistance finding a new storage space, please send an email to support@neighbor.com and the team will help you. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you. Thank you, ______ (your name)

Additionally, don't forget to deactivate your listing once your renter has moved out in order to prevent other renters from reserving your space.

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