If an error message appears on the Sign In page stating that you already have an existing account, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to Neighbor.com profile

  2. In payment methods, click “Connect Bank Account” on Neighbor and click “Connect with Stripe” on pop-up/modal (on the app, click on “profile” and then “host payout”)

  3. Click the small “Sign in” link in the top right of the form next to “Already have a Stripe account?”

  4. Sign in with the email and password you used for Stripe

  5. Click the blue “Connect Bank Account” button 

  6. Automatically redirected to Neighbor 

  7. Click “I’ve finished connecting”

If after trying the previous steps you are still seeing an error message, please follow the next steps. You likely already have a Stripe Express or Custom account and will have to use a new email address to connect with Neighbor. Begin the connection process again by clicking “Connect Bank Account” on Neighbor and “Connect with Stripe” in the modal. Fill out the application and use a new email address beside the one with an existing Stripe account.

Pro Tip: If you have a Gmail address, you can add +stripe after your username and before the @ symbol and Stripe will treat it as a new email address while Gmail still considers it the same email. For example, fredrogers+stripe@gmail.com.

If after completing these steps you are still not seeing your payout or able to get connected, feel free to contact Neighbor support by sending us an email to support@neighbor.com or calling 801-653-0264.

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