If your renter leaves their items on your property, first off, don’t worry! We will still pay you while their items are there. If a renter has a failing payment over 30 days, a member of the Neighbor Customer Success team will reach out to you and help facilitate an online auction process. Below are some things you can expect with this process:

  • You will be asked to take 4 - 6 photos of the renter’s stored items and send them to support@neighbor.com within 5 days of the initial request (please do not touch or move their belongings)

  • Unless notified by Neighbor that the payment has been processed successfully, please restrict access to the space by the renter

  • The auction is 100% online so you do not need to be physically present until the new owner comes to remove their purchased items

  • While this rental month’s payout may be delayed, you will receive your final payout after the auction closes and the items are removed for both this rental month and the extra days that the items were in your space

  • Your listing will go live again on Neighbor as soon as the items are picked up and the eviction process is complete

  • If you as a host impede the auction process then your host payment will be delayed or forfeited

Neighbor has got your back and we’ll walk you through every step of this process. It's why we're here!

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