If you are in need of income, renting out your extra space is an easy way to do that! With this in mind, we put together some safety guidelines for you directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations to safely rent out your space. We want to do our part to help flatten the curve.

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting- What’s the difference?

According to the CDC, “Cleaning with soap and water removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. It lowers the risk of spreading infection. Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces. By killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.”

Tips on cleaning your space:

  • Wear disposable gloves to clean and disinfect.

  • Clean surfaces using soap and water, then disinfectant.

  • Practice routine cleaning of frequently touched surface.

Tips on disinfecting your space:

  • Use EPA-registered disinfectants.

  • Follow the instructions on the label to ensure safe and effective use of the product.

  • Diluted household bleach solutions may also be used if appropriate for the surface.

Soft surfaces

If your storage space has carpeted or soft surfaces, follow the tips below to clean your space:

  • Clean the surface using soap and water or with cleaners appropriate for use on these surfaces

  • Launder items (if possible) according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use the warmest appropriate water setting and dry items completely.

  • Vacuum your space as usual.

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