Neighbor prides itself in being a safe and friendly community where hosts and renters can connect. To ensure this safe environment, Neighbor uses a secure ID verification platform called Persona. Neighbor requires hosts to verify their email address, phone number, and ID with Persona in order to list their space. If you have attempted to upload your ID and receive a notification that it “failed,” here are some tips on what you can do to get verified.

  • Make sure the photo includes the WHOLE ID along with your name and a clear photo of your face. Any government issued ID will work! Persona only accepts ID that is issued by the government of a recognized country/state. This may include: driver’s license, state ID, passport, passport card, permanent resident card, or a work permit.

  • Retake the photo so that it is not blurry or too dark. Persona requires a clear shot of your ID in order to verify your identity

  • Still not able to verify your ID? Contact Neighbor. We’re here to help and would be happy to get you set up! Feel free to send an email to Be sure to include your name and a screenshot of the error message so we know how best to assist you. For your safety, do not send a screenshot or photo of your ID in your email.

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