What is Quick Move-in?

You can opt into Quick Move-In with any new or current listing you have on Neighbor.com. Requests made with Quick Move-In are instantly approved and you will be required to allow a renter to move in within 24 hours of reserving your space.

Why should I enable Quick Move-In?

80% of renters are interested in moving in within 3 days of booking. Enabling this feature will boost your listing in search results and make your space more likely to be rented.

Will Renters that book my space with Quick Move-In be given my address immediately?

Renters are given your address immediately so they coordinate a time to move in. Renters are prompted immediately upon placing the reservation to message you to coordinate a move in time.

Can I deny reservation requests?

No. Quick Move-In is your way of saying, "As long as you're abiding by the rules on my listing, I agree the reservation will be auto approved."

Will all of my reservations need to move in within 24 hours?


Will Renters show up to my space unannounced?

No. Renters still coordinate a drop off time with you via your Neighbor inbox.

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