The answer to this boils down to what the difference is between Neighbor and general classifieds marketplaces.

Most classifieds marketplaces are just for posting ads and are ultimately buyer beware marketplaces. Neighbor, on the other hand, is a neighborly marketplace specifically for storage. We actually go a step further than the classifieds; we give each of our renters and hosts our Renter’s Guarantee and Host’s Guarantee, respectively. This means that we have your back!

We handle everything from payment disputes, abandoned storage items, and hosts and renters who are violating our Terms of Service. On top of all of that, you don’t have to worry about coordinating payments! All renters have to do is input their credit card information into our secure payment system and the monthly payment is paid every month on time. All hosts need to do is watch the money roll into their bank accounts each month.

We can only do this for you, however, if you use our secure payment system on or on the Neighbor app. This creates an online community where renters and hosts can feel safe renting storage space to and from their neighbors. Make life easier for yourself and your neighbors by paying and receiving payment on Neighbor!

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