There is a small service fee that is a part of each of your monthly rent payments. Today, we’re going to talk about what we provide for you in return for this Neighbor Service Fee!

Handling Monthly Storage Rent

You can pay for your storage with your credit card without worrying about sharing financial information with your host! This means all of your payments are secure and your host can’t surprise you with any unexpected charges.

Handling Sticky Situations

Neighbor also handles sticky situations for you if they ever come up! Because we collect payments for you, we are also able to offer you our services if your rental becomes more complicated.

While these situations are rare, it’s good to know that whether it’s a payment dispute or a host who wants to end the rental without notice, Neighbor has your back. We facilitate communication with your host and help everything run smoothly. If one of these rare situations does come up, our Customer Success Specialists are ready to help you!

Our Renter Guarantee

Neighbor also provides a $25,000 Renter Guarantee! If you use the Neighbor payment platform, we provide up to $25,000 of property protection if you ever need it. This covers damage or theft of your qualified items or vehicles. You can store your stuff with Neighbor with peace of mind!

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