There is a small 4.9% +$0.30 processing fee that is a part of each of your monthly rent payouts. This allows us to offer support and your Host Guarantee.

Handling Payments

This is the biggest advantage of using the Neighbor payment platform! Accepting payment for your storage space is automatic and easy. Neighbor collects your renter’s credit card information, charges your renter each month for you, and pays you each month. After your listing is rented out, all you have to do is watch the money roll straight into your bank account each month!

Because we collect payments for you, we are also able to guarantee rental payments if your renter stops paying for their storage space. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ll be paid fairly and that you won’t have to bug your renter about making payments.

Handling Sticky Situations

Neighbor also handles sticky situations for you if they come up! Because we collect payments for you, we are also able to offer you our services if storage rentals become more complicated.

While these situations are rare, it’s good to know that whether it’s a payment dispute, a renter refusing to leave, or abandoned storage items, Neighbor has your back. For example, if your renter has abandoned their items, we will guide you through the storage auctioning process and all laws and regulations that surround that process. Some of these issues sound scary, but Neighbor knows exactly how to resolve these issues. That’s why we’re here for you. If one of these rare situations comes up, our Customer Success Specialists are ready to help you!

Our Host Guarantee

Neighbor also gives each Host with a $1 Million Host Guarantee! If you use the Neighbor payment platform, we can provide up to $1 Million of personal liability protection if you ever need it.

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