You may have noticed yellow lightning bolts on some storage listings on and wondered what these are. Wonder no more! Listings with these lightning bolts are listings that have activated our Quick Move-In feature.

The Basics

Quick Move-In is an option hosts can enable on their listing that automatically approves renter’s storage reservations. It’s fast and easy! When you place a reservation on a listing marked with the Quick Move-In lightning bolt, your reservation will instantly be approved. You can then message your new host to set up a time to drop off your belongings.

Because your reservation is automatically approved, it takes less time to get your stuff stored safely away. On top of that, all of our hosts’ identities are verified by Neighbor before they ever post a listing. It’s safe and saves time!

What if I need to cancel?

Don’t worry. You can still cancel! If you submit your cancellation request within 24 hours you can get a full refund.

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