Neighbor takes the work out of remembering to pay your host on time each month by automatically charging your credit card each month. We make it super easy for you to rent space! You will need to enter your credit card information when you reserve a space. Once the reservation is placed, Neighbor issues a charge to your card. In the unlikely event that the reservation doesn't work out, the hold will be released and the funds will become available in your account again. For more information on refunds, please see Neighbor's cancellation and refund policy.

Recurring payments
Renters are charged on the same day each month as your reservation start date, similar to any online subscription service. For instance, if your reservation began on 1/18, you would be charged every month on the 18th until you move out and cancel your reservation. In this case, the rental period would be from the 1/18-2/17, 2/18-3/17, and so on. All reservations are month-to-month, so we do not prorate your monthly charge.

I placed a reservation set to begin a few weeks from now. When will I be charged?

You are welcome to place a reservation in advance! This allows for ample time for a host and renter to connect and get everything figured out. Once the reservation is placed, Neighbor issues a charge to your card. Here's an example of how payment would work:

Let's say you place a reservation on 1/10 but you don't want to move in until 1/18. You would be initially charged on 1/10 to reserve the space (so no one else can take it!) from 1/18-2/17. Once the reservation begins on 1/18, you would next be billed on 2/18 and then continuously on the 18th of every month until you move out and cancel your reservation.

How do I update my payment information?
You can update your credit card information from the Renter Payment section of your User Dashboard. Enter your new credit card information and click Save!

I want to see a space and talk to a host before paying. Can I do that?

You can totally do this! Just make sure to create your account on Neighbor first. You can find instructions on how to do this here.

Is my credit card information safe?
Neighbor does not store your payment information. Instead, it is stored off-site by Stripe, our payment gateway, on their encrypted and PCI-compliant servers. Stripe is a secure, online platform used by hundreds of thousands of vendors word-wide including Amazon and Facebook. In addition, the green lock symbol and https:// in the URL bar of your browser shows that Neighbor's website is secure and encrypted.

Help! I lost my credit card. Can I update my payment method?

Yes, definitely! You can update your payment method at any time by visiting Payment Methods in your profile. Otherwise, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team at and a member of the team would be happy to help you.

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